Solar Lanterns

Solar Lantern Cum Torch

Lantern cum torch New Model
Solar Charging Time : 10 Hrs by in build Panel
AC Charging Time : 4-5 Hrs
Duration Time : 24 Pcs LED 4-5 Hrs
1 Pcs LED 8-10 Hrs
Rechargeable Battery : 4V 1200mAH

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: KS80

Solar CFL Lantern

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: KSSL03

Solar 3w Lantern

Specification :

· High Brightness Efficiency Long Life LED -3w Power.
· Mobile Charging Facility.
· 3 Brightness Modes With Different Back Up Time.
· Dual Charging Function : Ac –charging And Dc- Charging By Solar Panel (3w/5w).
· Horizontal Lux From 1ft > 90
3ft > 15
· Can Charge Fully In 8hrs Of Daily Sunlight. Back Up 8hrs To 10hrs.
· Ultra Special Charging Technique For Prolonged Battery Life.
· Proper Cut Off For Low Battery And Over Charging.
· LED Glare Free Lighting.
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